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Sustainable flooring of wineo

wineo stands for quality. They have been producing cutting-edge flooring and all floors have been meeting stringent maritime safety requirements for three generations now. wineo combines modern design with high quality, innovative technology with genuine comfort, and ecological standards with economic benchmarks. wineo’s products are the only floor coverings on the market offering a wood design on a two meter-wide roll and are IMO certified.

A global solution

Modern shipbuilding and state-of-art offshore facilities require a high level of technical expertise, as well as reliable and resilient technology. wineo has developed a special kind of flooring to meet these specific requirements: wineo 1500 sea. Curious about the advantages?

  • Outstanding fire protection properties (IMO certified).
  • Extremely hard-wearing and therefore also long-lasting.
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical influences + maximum UV resistance.
  • Non-slip and highly effective sound insulation.
  • Made from sustainable and natural raw materials.

Sustainable & efficient

This high-quality polyurethane floor covering is based on ecuran, a high-performance composite material developed and manufactured by Windmöller. Ecuran is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils, such as canola oil or castor oil, and naturally-occurring mineral components like lime.

  • Without the addition of chlorine, plasticizers or solvents.
  • Completely odor-neutral.
  • Emits no harmful substances into the room.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Emits no harmful substances into the environment.

Certified fire-safe (IMO certified)

wineo 1500 sea features special fire protection qualities designed for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. Its natural formulation means that wineo 1500 sea flooring does not produce any toxic gases in the event of a fire and is exceptional for its minimal smoke production. wineo 1500 sea fulfills all safety requirements in accordance with current IMO standards.

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