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Why epoxy floors are perfect for offshore

On an offshore vessel, a safe (working) environment is very important. Many people are frequently working on these types of ships. In addition, the ships have to endure heavy traffic. Therefore, a strong and safe flooring system is crucial. Epoxy is one of the flooring systems in the marine sector that is suitable for use on offshore ships.

Resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses

One of the most important requirements an offshore floor must meet is resistance to heavy mechanical and chemical loads. On offshore ships, such as gas and oil production platforms, drilling rigs, dredgers and floating work platforms, people work with heavy equipment, chemicals and there is a lot of walking traffic. Wear and tear are lurking. Epoxy can withstand all these heavy loads. The material is highly resistant to abrasion and impact, making it a durable solution.

Maintenance-friendly & hygienic

Epoxy is a seamless and liquid-proof floor covering. As a result, dirt and grease have no chance to creep into cracks or holes or even soak into the floor. This makes epoxy flooring easy to clean and is also very good for hygiene and health aboard an offshore vessel. This way bacteria have little chance of spreading.

IMO certified

Many of the products we use are IMO/MED certified. So are our epoxy floors. With an IMO certified floor, your offshore ship meets all the requirements of the International Maritime Organization and guarantees safety on board.

An offshore ship? Choose epoxy!

In short, epoxy floors are perfect for offshore vessels. Would you like more information about (epoxy) ship floors or are you curious about what we can do for your maritime project? Our flooring experts will be happy to tell you all the ins and outs. Feel free to contact us, without obligation.

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