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Why choose a vinyl floor for ships?

Vinyl is an exceptionally durable product and popular because of its multi-purpose functionality and colour compositions. All floors meet today’s aesthetic and technical requirements and are IMO and MED certified.

This makes these floors ideal for corridors, public areas, cabins and stairwells. Are you looking for a new flooring solution for your ship? Would you like to know more about vinyl floors? Here we outline the advantages of a vinyl flooring solution on a ship.

Advantages of a vinyl floor on a ship

Vinyl is a durable floor covering. A good quality vinyl floor, in combination with proper maintenance, ensures that the floor has a long lifespan of about 10+ years. Vinyl provides a luxurious look and is ideal for frequent use due to its scratch and wear resistant qualities. Furthermore, this type of floor is versatile and easy to maintain. Select from an endless choice of patterns. Examples include a stone or wooden look, a stunning print or a uni colour that coordinates perfectly with the ship’s interior. A vinyl floor is available in rolls of 200cm width or as a sheet and 2.0mm thickness.

A number of other advantages at a glance:

  • Highly hygienic floor
  • Vinyl has a sound-absorbing effect
  • The floors are scratch and wear-resistant
  • Vinyl is a durable product with a long lifespan
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • IMO and MED certified part 2 and 5 (full wheel mark)

A custom vinyl floor

The extensive range of colours means that any area or even the entire ships interior can have its own design. Vinyl is a hard-wearing product and ideal for heavy traffic area or crew areas. Are you interested in a vinyl floor for your ship? Or perhaps you are still unsure about the right flooring solution? Our flooring specialists will be happy to assist you.

Prolance Marine Flooring ship floors, always IMO-certified

When it comes to installing ship floors, Prolance Marine Flooring has been on target for many years. We supply floors for cruise ships, ferries, super yachts and offshore vessels. Would you like to receive more information about the various IMO-certified floor solutions from Prolance Marine Flooring? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us for helpful advice, a design, professional installation and maintenance.

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