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Which floor is suitable for a wet room?

When it comes to flooring for maritime projects, there are many options. However, there are certain types of floors that you should not use in certain rooms. For example, not all floors are suitable for use in a wet room. These rooms need special attention. Especially because the floor must be 100% waterproof. Are you working on an interior design for a ship and looking for any inspiration for a wet room? This blog will let you know which products we recommend and which we would use ourselves.

Waterproof poured floor

A poured floor is the best type of flooring to be used in a wet room. This floor solution has no seams and is guaranteed to be waterproof. We commonly use the Sikafloor Marine 530, 570 or 590 in a wet room. In addition to ensuring that the floor is waterproof, the system is easy to keep clean, and all floors from the Sikafloor Marine collection are IMO-certified.

Extra anti-slip with vinyl

Are you looking for a floor that offers a little more grip and can have a pattern? Then a floor from the Granit Multisafe is a good option. These floors are made of vinyl and have an anti-slip layer and a studded structure that provide more grip. Due to the studs, you have to consider that the floor is not completely level, making it a little more difficult to clean.

Seamless Flooring

You will not be bothered by seams with both the resin floors from Sikafloor Marine and the vinyl floors from the Granit Multisafe collection. Ideal for a wet room. After all, seams can let water through. Especially in a wet room, it is nice to be 100% certain that it is waterproof.

Have the correct floor installed

Are you working on a project in the maritime sector, and are you curious about what we can do for your project? Prolance Marine Flooring is the specialist in the field of flooring solutions. From conception before the project starts up to and including installation and eventual maintenance, we’ll lighten your load. Would you like to meet soon? Get in touch.

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