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The best vinyl marine flooring

With vinyl flooring, you are choosing a durable and low-maintenance floor that can be used on many different types of vessels. Vinyl exudes luxury, but is also hard-wearing and able to withstand a good deal of punishment. It comes in an extensive range. This allows you to have a suitable floor in every area. Which vinyl flooring is best? We have listed the most popular vinyl floors for you.

iQ Granit

iQ Granit s a homogeneous vinyl floor with durable qualities. iQ Granit offers optimal resistance to wear, stains and scratches. This makes the floor suitable for all high-traffic areas on a vessel, such as corridors, stairwells, and other public areas. In addition, an iQ Granit floor is easy to maintain. There is no need for polishing with expensive detergents or waxing. Simple buffing will return the floor to its original appearance. iQ Granit is available in some 50 colours to satisfy every wish. Finally, the floors in this collection comply with IMO and MED standards.

Granit Multisafe

Granit Multisafe is a very strong and safe (IMO-certified) vinyl floor. Its non-slip relief makes Granit Multisafe an ideal floor for wet areas. The relief surface offers protection against slipping in bathrooms and shower rooms, for example, even when the floor is covered with soap and water. Granit Multisafe is a durable floor because of its waterproofing and ease of maintenance. The 16 colours available were designed specifically for the Granit Multisafe collection.

Standard Plus

Standard Plus vinyl flooring is a strong, homogeneous floor that is well suited to heavy traffic areas. The classic line pattern and updated colour collection provide a plethora of options for modern marine interiors. Standard Plus rolls and tiles are treated with a PUR surface for greater protection and easier maintenance. This vinyl flooring is available in two different thicknesses: 1.5 mm and 2 mm. The 1.5 mm thick floor is available in 12 colours and the 2 mm floor in 30 colours. Floors in the Standard Plus collection are also IMO certified.

Contract Plus

Contract Plus is a multipurpose and IMO-certified vinyl floor covering. The classic flake pattern and new colours of this floor result in a fresh look for vessels. In addition, the Contract Plus collection floors are strong and durable because of the PUR surface treatment. This treatment also makes the floors easy to maintain. Contract Plus is available in 24 colours to create any ambience you like.

Vinyl flooring with numerous applications

All in all, vinyl floors boast advantages on many fronts and are suited to a wide range of applications. They are hygienic, soundproof, durable, easy to maintain and IMO/MED certified. Are you interested in IMO vinyl flooring for your vessel? The specialists at Prolance Marine Flooring will be happy to give you more information about marine vinyl flooring! Feel free to contact us.

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