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Single-use plastic water bottles are now banned!

We believe that with simple everyday actions we can prevent large amounts of single-use plastic water bottles from ending up in our oceans. That is why we have replaced all plastic cups with 100% recyclable Dopper water bottles. We have joined the Dopper Wave and signed the pledge to:

  1. Ban single-use plastic water bottles from our premises.
  2. Encourage our colleagues and visitors to drink tap water whenever possible.
  3. Actively remind everyone to ALWAYS bring their own reusable bottle.
  4. Inspire other organizations and people to also join the Dopper Wave.

Why we are doing this?

Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. In that same minute, 1 million single-use plastic bottles are sold around the world. Luckily, we can take action, and do our part in the fight against plastic pollution.

Some further facts & figures:

  • 1 million single use plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. We are no longer a part of this figure.
  • Disposable cups and bottles are made using fossil fuels. The industries that collect these fossil fuels are themselves responsible for large amounts of pollution.
  • Only 9% of the plastic produced is ever recycled. The rest of this plastic either forms part of landfills, is incinerated or ends up as litter.
  • 8 million tons of plastics enter our oceans every year. This explains why 80% of all waste in our oceans is plastic (of which 49% is single-use).
  • If we don’t act now, the predictions are that the mass weight of the plastic in the oceans will outweigh that of the fish population by 2050.

Back to the good news

It’s obvious that it’s time for action! For us that action takes the form of banning single-use plastic water bottles and joining the Dopper Wave. It may be a small step for us as an office of 20 people, but we believe that every little bit helps. Will you join us by doing what you can?

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 12

By replacing all plastic cups with reusable Dopper water bottles, we are conscious of the fact that we must consume responsibly. This is Goal 12 of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals to which Prolance proudly contributes.

Would you also like to sign up for the Dopper Wave?

It is very simple. Go to the Dopper homepage and click on the button ‘wave’. There you can indicate online that you are participating. You will also receive a customized certificate (free of charge). And your company logo will be on the promotion page.

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