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Floor and window solutions for high speed vessels

Super-fast ships, high speed ferries and transport ships are types of vessels for which Prolance is the specialist for renovation and refits of floors and window decorations.

Wear due to frequent use is a common reason for renovating a high speed vessel. As a specialist in epoxy, vinyl, rubber and carpet floors, we are the party to go to for maintenance and refits of various interior spaces on ships. We work on site, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Floors for high speed vessels

There is an almost infinite choice of self-levelling screed floors, coated floors, rubber floors and floor coverings. Choose the colour that suits the area, either with or without a pattern, and then choose the desired finish. Our design team will be pleased to help you.

Since we keep a number of attractive products in stock, we are the place to go to for unforeseen repairs and unplanned maintenance of floors and curtains. All products meet the IMO and MED certification requirements, as well as the fire safety, insulation and moisture-resistance standards.

Most commonly used materials on high speed vessels
Flooring solutions for high speed vessels

Prolance is your Dutch partner for projects ranging from refits to redesign. We provide customized flooring solutions for the areas shown below.



Hard-wearing carpet ensures optimum safety in the stairwell.
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Bridge - Prolance Marine Flooring


A vinyl floor provides grip in the bridge. No captain with cold feet anymore.
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Control room

Control and engine rooms

Anti-slip rubber floor or wear-resistant carpet is the floor solution for your control room.
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Flooring galley


Hygiene and low-maintenance floors in plastic floor or vinyl for your kitchen.
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Flooring crew area

Crew area

Relax with a comfortable warm carpet or vinyl floor.
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Sleeping well on the water. Sound-absorbing and fire-resistant carpet.
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Wet areas

Wet areas

Mainly pouring or coating floors are used in the wet spaces on board.
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Flooring corridor


Mostly carpet or vinyl is used in a corridor.
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