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Rubber floors by nora®

Over the years Prolance has had the opportunity to work on many maritime projects. In this sector it is important that the flooring or solar solutions fulfil specific requirements such as safety, hygiene and fire retardancy. Rubber floors possess strong characteristics which makes it one of the safest flooring solutions.

Our regular partner, nora®

nora® Flooring is one of our regular partners for providing accurate rubber flooring solutions for the maritime sector. Rubber floors are mainly applied in heavy duty areas, such as operations room, the technical center or in the ECR (engine control room). In addition, rubber floors are perfectly suitable for staircases and on the navigation bridge, due to the strong characteristics. All maritime rubber solutions of nora® are fully IMO certified for seagoing vessels.

nora®’s floor solutions have many Green Design certificates, such as the Blue Angel and the Finnish M1 eco-label. This means that the floor will make a positive contribution to a healthy indoor climate. The reason for this is that nora®’s flooring solutions do not contain any PVCs, plasticizers (ftlates) or halogens (eg. chlorine). The floors are manufactured using high quality industrial and natural rubber qualities, minerals from natural sources and environment-friendly colour pigments.

Rubber floors

IMO rubber floor solutions are functional, very strong and durable. Rubber flooring is one of the strongest floors and is therefore suitable for heavy duty areas. A rubber floor is a durable and strong product and can last for a long period of time, if maintained correctly. Investing in rubber floors is therefore a sustainable and long-term decision. There are several options available in rubber floors for vessels:

  • norament rubber stud tiles (1006mm x 1006mm)
  • norament rubber stair treads (prefabricated)
  • noraplan marine (on roll, 1.22 meter wide)
  • nora accessories

These floors are available on rolls and in tiles, in a variety of colors. A rubber can be applied perfectly on stair treads and in technical areas due to the high wear resistance and anti-skid properties. It also supports the noise reduction on board, which is beneficial for the acoustic values of the ship.

About nora®

With its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany, nora® has been a world leader in the development of rubber floor coverings for over 60 years. nora attaches great importance to its social responsibility to the environment and commitment to sustainability. For years now, environmental awareness has been given the same priority as all other company objectives. This can be seen in its products, which are made as environmentally sustainable as possible in regards to their content, production, use and disposal.

Are you interested in our range of IMO rubber floor solutions? Request a no-obligation quote or contact us by calling +31(0)10 760 22 20.

Source image: nora® flooring

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