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Rubber flooring on your vessel

Our vast range of floor coverings provides a solution for every flooring need. Not only must floors complement the desired ambience, but it is also vital for the marine sector that floors comply with specific safety and hygiene requirements. Rubber is a safe, hygienic material that ensures that all our rubber flooring is compliant. Most importantly, our rubber floors are all IMO certified.

Functional, strong, and durable

Rubber floors are functional, strong, and durable. They are also easy to maintain, and because rubber is a strong material, these hard-wearing floors are well suited to intensive use. Rubber absorbs shocks and sounds, ensuring improved acoustics in rooms with rubber flooring. The non-slip qualities make rubber flooring a safe solution for any season, but especially the wetter autumn. Finally, rubber floors have an exceptionally long lifespan thanks to durable properties such as abrasion resistance.

Intensive use

Rubber is the perfect material for heavily used areas such as control and engine rooms. Various machines and electronic equipment are used together in these locations, and it is important to provide a safe, sturdy floor. This enables personnel to perform their duties safely. Control and engine rooms are not the only spaces where rubber is an ideal solution: stairwells are another example. The Norament 920 collection offers perfect flooring for control and engine rooms.

nora® floors

nora® systems is our partner in supplying rubber flooring. nora® is known for its high-quality, IMO-certified floor coverings for international shipbuilding and offshore industries. At Prolance Marine Flooring, we install flooring from the norament 920, noraplan stone marine and noraplan signa marine collections. These floors are available in rolls or tiles and a variety of colours.

Advice and installation at Prolance Marine Flooring

Are you interested in an IMO rubber flooring solution? Prolance Marine Flooring will advise you and take care of installation. Feel free to contact us and discuss the options! Our flooring specialists are ready to help.

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