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LNG bunkerponton

Prolance Marine Flooring has installed new floor systems and floor coverings in the LNG bunkerponton: FlexFueler001. On the two decks the different areas have been transformed into liveable cabins, clean wet rooms and a functional wheelhouse. The floor solutions meet the strictest safety requirements (A-60 and IMO/MED) and are professionally applied and finished.

Well thought solutions for ships

In collaboration with Kooiman, Prolance Marine Flooring works on well-considered custom-made solutions that distinguish themselves in functionality and innovation. For this project we navigate together with our flexible mentality outside the usual frameworks for specific customers and situations.

In collaboration with Kooiman Marine Group

Kooiman Marine Group is a group of independent multidisciplinary shipbuilders with a large focus and a rich history. Craftsmanship and an eye for quality are the basis for perfect executed custom-made ships. All members of the Kooiman Marine Group can handle complex projects while meeting international standards. With the best service and the best efficiency.

Kooiman Marine Group is independent and pursues its own course. They create their own market with own designs and innovations. As a group, the Kooiman team attaches great importance to the exchange and support of knowledge and experience.

Applied solutions
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