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F2A Hanze platform

For the F2A Hanze platform from Dana Petroleum Prolance has applied certified carpet tiles, IMO entrance mats and IMO poured floor systems. These kinds of projects require extra attention in the preparation and logistics:   all of the materials and tools must be on board the offshore installation in advance. In addition, the independence and flexibility of the upholsterers ob board is crucial to bring the project to a successful conclusion!

Dana Petroleum

Dana Petroleum has various production platforms, for research, production and development projects. These platforms are located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Egypt. On these offshore installations work continues 24 hours a day, which means that the crew makes very long days. Prolance Marine Flooring contributes to the comfort and warmth of the interior, for optimal performance of the offshore crew.

Applied solutions
  • IMO carpet tiles
  • IMO entrance mats
  • IMO poured floor systems
Why Prolance Marine Flooring?
VCA certified company
PPI quality mark
IMO/MED certified products
Other projects we have worked on.
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F2A Hanze platform
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