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Prolancer – Simon: “We are honest in what we do!”

Simon Langstraat is account manager at Prolance Marine Flooring. He has a nice way about himself and likes to talk to customers. We ask Simon a few questions to get to know him and Prolance Marine Flooring better.

International Business

Since 2017 Simon is an account manager at Prolance Marine Flooring. “In my job, I am constantly in contact with customers in the Netherlands and abroad. During these meetings, I map out the wishes of the customers as well as possible. On this basis, I provide suitable advice and present a proposal for a suitable IMO floor solution. “Then, upon approval, this proposal will be forwarded to our executive project managers. They carry out the process. During this process I am the contact person and I act as a link between the client and the project managers.”

IMO certification and high quality

Prolance MF is known as a true specialist in the field of interior solutions for shipping. A provider of floor and window solutions within the offshore, superyachts and cruise segments. Simon: “We work in a small team and therefore switch quickly with clients. It happens that within 24 hours we have to repair a floor, for example in a cruise ship. Our customers cannot afford an extra day and we understand that.”

What does Prolance Marine Flooring stand for?

“We, as Prolancers are close to ourselves. We make no promises that we cannot keep. An appointment is always an appointment with us.” Simon continues enthusiastically:” Prolance Marine Flooring exudes honesty and loyalty. As a team we really go for integrity, trust and craftsmanship. Together with the customer we look at the suitable floor solution of the best quality that is certified. We do this by listening carefully to the customers and giving appropriate advice on that basis.”

Football & Netflix

In addition to working at Prolance MF, Simon also has time for other matters. “If I am not at work at Prolance MF, I love to have a drink with friends. I also have a passion for football and I like watching series or a movie on Netflix. ”

Future dreams and ambitions

Simon: “My future dreams and ambitions always change. For now, I would like to explore the maritime sector further, because it is really triggering me!”

Why do clients choose Prolance Marine Flooring?

“We help clients to provide appropriate advice. We try to solve customer questions as good as possible. Even if we are not the right company for a customer, we help the customer further. We are honest in what we can do and what we cannot do. We stay with our specialism”, Simon says proudly.

A final statement?

“Cooperate with us and you will notice that we are an honest and reliable partner!”

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