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Prolancer Danny: “We are the specialist in flooring solutions for the maritime sector”

Danny Voerman is the owner of Prolance Marine Flooring. Since the founding of the company, Prolance strives to organize the company and the services according to the needs and wishes of the maritime customers. In this interview with Danny you can read more about the founding of Prolance Marine Flooring and the (special) projects they have carried out.

The flooring specialist

Danny founded Prolance in 1996. “We are the specialist in floor -and window solutions,” says Danny. “We have been around for almost 25 years, where we think with the customer about the challenges they face during projects.” Prolance Projecten & Interieurs focuses on the sectors: healthcare, education, office, retail, government, and hospitality. “In addition, Prolance Marine Flooring serves the maritime sector, in which all types of flooring solutions are advised, delivered and installed. We started with smaller refit projects of super yachts, from the foundation of the company; since then, the demand for maritime projects has been growing.”

“At a certain point, the offshore sector started inquiring for projects as well. Eventually, this resulted in our first assignment for IHC, a large company that focuses on the development, design and construction of ships for the dredging and offshore industry. We have proven that we are strong as a flooring specialist in this industry.”

“The name Prolance Marine Flooring was born”

Prolance Projecten & Interieurs is the flooring specialist for healthcare institutions, schools and offices. This name and appearance did not fit with the products and services that we provide for the maritime industry. These activities require a different approach, are more comprehensive and internationally oriented. So, I also wanted a brand which reflected the activities in the maritime sector. In 2015 this resulted in a new name and company: Prolance Marine Flooring.

 IMO floors for the maritime sector

“During the refitting of a ship a lot of factors can influence the progress and the final result. Therefore, it is of great significance that the preparation phase is thoughtfully executed. We think along with our clients throughout the entire process, provide them with the proper advice and always consider critically what our areas of expertise can contribute. With this philosophy we want to position ourselves as the turnkey specialist in flooring systems for ships. In every segment within the maritime industry, ranging from (river) cruise ships to offshore vessels, this philosophy applies, since every ship requires a slightly different approach.”

“Health and safety first”

In the shipping industry it is important that the applied solutions meet the highest health- and safety standards. Danny: “Prolance Marine Flooring is VCA** and PPI certified. In addition, we only work with suppliers who supply products that meet the IMO and MED certification. In addition to our certified solutions, we highly value safety and health of our employees and all other people which are involved in any project. Our employees are VCA certified and in possession of all required personal protective equipment.

 International working environment

“Projects on board of super yachts are always special projects,” says Danny. “That is due to the high-quality standards during the project and which are expected for the final result. Prolance Marine Flooring has the ability to meet the high standards in this sector. In addition, during these projects intercultural co-operation is inevitable, due to the fact that organizations from all around the globe are working on such projects. It can also occur that we need to perform our activities in other countries, depending on the location of the vessel.”

“We travel with the customer”

“International projects are more challenging, mainly due to the location. This can result in international trips to Vietnam, Spain, Singapore or the USA. In some projects it is even requested to perform our services during a journey, to save time and money. In this way the vessel can still be operational and at the same time be upgraded.

 Become part of the Prolance team!

There are currently several open vacancies. Danny: “We are always looking for new talent that wants to empower our team. For example, we are looking for a ‘allround floor specialist’ and an ‘floor specialist service and maintenance’. For both positions we desire a skilled person with a service-oriented attitude. Someone who would like to work in a company where there is an informal atmosphere where you can develop yourself. On the one hand we invest in a long-term relationship with our clients, and at the other hand we build the same long-term relationships with our employees. We realize that employees can make the difference.”

 One final statement?

“We take time to evaluate the project and that provides the foundation for sustainable relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our personnel. We are constantly looking at what can be improved. Sustainability is not only about products, but also about the relationship with each other.”

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