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Prolance helps to make the port of Schiedam more sustainable!

The Prolance office will be powered by solar panels, which generate more than half of the energy we use. In addition to Prolance, the companies Itho Daalderop and De Gier Gitaarbouw also installed energy saving PV panels on the roof. A total of 630 solar panels will be installed. Leo Verhart Beheer and FMJ Marine & Offshore will install another 500 panels. That’s what Niels Fluitman, project manager at Stichting DUW!, says. Stichting DUW! is one of the organizations that makes an effort to get more companies in the port of Schiedam to use solar energy.

Making the port of Schiedam more sustainable

Since the end of 2018, gemeente Schiedam, provincie Zuid-Holland, Ondernemersvereniging SchiedamHavens and Stichting DUW! have been working together to make the port of Schiedam more sustainable.

The province of South-Holland is financing the project with the support of the initiative called “Energie-op-Bedrijventerreinen-subsidie”. The province strives to be energy neutral by 2035. Schiedam wants to be energy neutral in 2040 and has the ambition to install solar panels on 15% of the roofs in Schiedam by 2022. In addition, the municipality supports and facilitates as many initiatives from the city as possible.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

By placing the solar panels on the roof, Prolance achieves SDG goal number 7: ‘Affordable and sustainable energy’. In total there are 17 different Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). According to the United Nations, these goals are intended to “make the world a better place in 2030”.

Prolance and CSR

Prolance: “We are careful with our customers as for our environment. Nevertheless, everything that has to do with floor -and fabric manufacturing has not yet been developed in such a way that it is 100% environmentally friendly. All the more we try to do everything we can to consciously deal with the environment within our work.”

What does Prolance do for the environment?

Our product range has been put together on the basis of quality and sustainability, with  close attention to the environmental impact during the use, maintenance, production and disposal. Besides that, we only use environmentally friendly adhesives, waste is always separated, and we limit the energy consumption of our company by using ecological lighting.

Do you want to know more about what Prolance does for the environment, what our (CSR) working method entails or do you want to receive more information about the initiative to make the port of Schiedam more sustainable? Contact us!

Source: OffShore Valley

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