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Prolance provides innovative maritime flooring

When it comes to ship floors, Prolance has been sailing the right course for many years. Whether it concerns floors for cruise ships, river cruises, exclusive yachts or offshore vessels. As a specialist in this field, we supply all floors for the shipping industry.

Ship floors

Ship floors have a lot more to endure than floors in a building. The (salt) water, heavy objects and work shoes continuously ensure an extra high load. In addition, the floors on vessels must comply with strict IMO safety requirements. This includes fire retardancy, sound insulation and moisture resistance.

Essential part of a ship’s interior

The floor of a ship is an essential part of the interior on board. Installing a floor on board is not only a matter of customization, but a project must also be completed within the given time.

Types of ship floors

Prolance Marine Flooring offers all different kinds of noise controlling floor systems, synthetic floors as well as floor coverings specifically intended for shipping. Every color scheme, desired pattern and cover can be applied to our floors. For the floor covering you can choose from carpet, epoxy and PU synthetic floors, PVC (vinyl) and rubber.

Refit projects

The quality and pre-treatment of the subfloor determines the eventual result of all maritime refit projects. Therefore is Prolance Marine Flooring eager to share more about comfort, safety and the latest technical developments. All work, whether it concerns new construction projects or renovation processes. Many vessels have already been provided with safe and maintenance-friendly floors by our experts.

We are ready to finish your maritime project quickly and professionally. Request a free quotation today, or have one of our specialists call you back.

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