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Project: LNG bunkerponton – FlexFueler001

In collaboration with Kooiman Marine Group, Prolance Marine Flooring has installed new floor systems and the desired floor coverings in the LNG bunkerponton – FlexFueler001.

Project: LNG bunkerponton

The LNG bunkerponton – FlexFueler001 is designed to have a fixed location to supply inland waterway vessels but can also be navigated to larger sea-going vessels and safely supply LNG while they load or unload their cargo. FlexFueler001 therefore minimizes costs and maximizes operational efficiencies, while unlocking access to safe and quick LNG delivery in the key ARA region. FlexFueler001 will give larger vessels access to LNG delivery in crucial ARA region acting as catalyst for increase in demand for Titan LNG.

In collaboration with Kooiman Marine Group

In collaboration with Kooiman Marine Group, Prolance Marine Flooring has completed this project into a great result. Kooiman Marine Group is a group of independent multidisciplinary shipbuilders with a large focus and a rich history. They create their own market with own designs and innovations. As a group, the Kooiman team attaches great importance to the exchange and support of knowledge and experience.

Applied IMO solutions

Prolance Marine Flooring has installed A-60 floating floor systems in various rooms and has applied PVC and Epoxy and PU floorcovering. All these floor solutions are IMO certified.

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Project: LNG Bunkerponton – FlexFueler001
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