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Finishing skirting board IMO / MED certified

In addition to a good floor solution for work ships, river cruises or super yachts, the plinth finish is an important part. With our expertise in floors we have the best finishes for skirting boards: epoxy and PU synthetic floors, PVC and vinyl floors, rubber and carpet floors. Our designers think along with your project to take the right plinth finish directly with you in your floor request.

Plinth finishing Epoxy floor

For cast floors (epoxy) we have plinth finishing in all colours, sizes and heights. Are you looking for a seamless finish of your skirting, then epoxy is an ideal material to use. There is no more dirt to come in, it is water-repellent and adheres to any material.

Plinth finishing Vinyl floor

Plinth finishing for PVC (vinyl) floors is possible in the same material and colours as the floor, but also different alternatives are possible.

Plinth finishing Rubber floor

A plinth for a rubber floor is often used as a seal in machine rooms, public areas and corridors. A rubber seal or plinth prevents leaks and stops all water.

Plinth finishing Carpet floor

Carpet floors are usually finished with various skirting boards. Choose here our extensive IMO-certified skirting boards. Every space is finished with the right plinth finishing.

We take care of plinth finishing for
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