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Noise controlling floor systems for ships

On board of each ship, from cruise ship to offshore ship, there are various predominant sources of sound and vibration, caused by diesel engines, gearboxes, bow thrusters, HVAC system and other electrical installations. In order to guarantee the safety of the crew and passengers, noise controlling floor systems in ships must suppress this noise and the vibrations.

Prolance offers various floor systems with maximum noise reduction. These floor systems reduce different types of sound and are applied in different areas of a ship. Our acoustic floor systems are minimal in thickness and weight, maximum in noise reduction and very cost-effective in the long term.

A-60 floating floor system

The A-60 floating floor systems mainly reduce air borne noise and impact noise aboard of a ship. An A-60 floor system is applied to indoor decks before the floor finish is applied, such as carpet, synthetic PU floors or PVC. The subfloor is installed so that the floor is separate from the steel deck and separate from the walls. The floating application of the floor ensures ultimate noise reduction and offers a high level of comfort for the crew on board. An A-60 floating floor system can be combined with visco-elastic floor systems to also reduce the structure born noise which originates from vibrations from the steel construction of a ship.

Advantages A-60 floating floor system:

  • Fire retardant A-60 characteristics
  • Minimal thickness
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduces contact and air noise (up to 61 DBs)
  • Fast curing version available
  • Ideal for renovation projects
  • Suitable for heavily loaded areas
  • IMO certified

Visco-elastic floor systems

Visco-elastic systems are the perfect solution to be used to limit the magnitude of vibrations, due to its elastic and noise controlling properties. The visco-elastic floor systems are essentially applied to indoor ship decks, before a finishing material is applied, such as PVC, rubber or a synthetic PU floor.

Advantages visco-elastic floor system:

  • Captures vibrations on board (caused by engines, propellers, etc.)
  • Flexible properties, can absorb many forces / movements
  • Available as flexible mortar (green technology)
  • Leveling function
  • Easy to process
  • IMO certified

Prolance supplies, installs and maintains the safest floor solutions for shipping. All our floor systems from Prolance meet the IMO and MED certifications and the requirements regulated in the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea).

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