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Meet the largest cruise ship in the world

The new cruise ship ‘Wonder of the Seas’ has already sailed beautiful routes. From the eastern and western Caribbean to cruises across the Mediterranean from Spain and Italy. This cruise ship, the largest in the world to date, gives us a look behind the scenes.

A panoramic sea view

From the cruise ship, visitors have a panoramic view of the sea from the special bar. After sunset, the bar is illuminated by a colourful mosaic canopy. This is a trend that we will be seeing increasingly often on cruise ships: technical gadgets. The new technologies on board will ensure that the passenger experience becomes even more intense. On the cruise ship ‘Wonder of the Seas’, this is reflected in the interactive mural that is activated by touch and puzzles. Fun for the kids!

Combinations are the foundation

The Mason Jar Southern Restaurant & Bar is one of 20 restaurants, bars and lounges aboard the large cruise ship. On this cruise ship, as on other cruise ships, we can see that the floor is made of a combination of various materials. For example, a floor of vinyl or carpet is combined with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). A good choice, as it makes the room stand out even more and creates a stylish appearance.

More space and comfort

On cruise ships, passenger comfort is the number one priority. This will become even more important and is also reflected in the size of the rooms. The cruise ship ‘Wonder of the Seas’ shows with the interior that this is being responded to in a creative way. For example, they have introduced the new Family Suite. The largest suite yet, as it can accommodate a family of ten. The suite is spread over two floors and includes a slide, cinema, karaoke room, private balcony and hot tub. What more could you want?

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Ready to take your cruise ship to the next level?

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