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Maritime flooring: a unique specialism

The application of maritime flooring solutions on board of ships requires craftsmanship. For example, the quality of a subfloor is crucial for final result of the floor covering. We ensure that the subfloors are properly applied and pre-treated. Also, it is essential to work according safety and quality requirements. Prolance has experienced service engineers who are aware of the requirements in the shipping industry, for example considering application -and safety requirements. In addition, we work with noise controlling floor systems, floor coverings and blinds that are IMO/MED certified. We also have A-60 floating floor systems available that meet the most stringent fire-retardant requirements.

Advantages of Prolance Marine floors

A Prolance floor is durable, stable and maintenance-friendly. A good example are the IMO PU synthetic floors; this type of floor covering is not only very strong, but also creates a modern appearance and is convenient in maintenance. Synthetic floors are mainly used in ‘wet areas’, such as the sanitary rooms or the galleys. If required, we also supply customized floor coverings to give your interior character, such as IMO carpet, IMO PVC (rolls/panels) or IMO rubber floors.

Complete package

When realizing a floor on board of vessels, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration before a project starts. Initially, the selection of the proper floor solution begins; depending on the area and the choice of floor solution the project can be scheduled and executed. If desired, Prolance can think along the whole process, from product advice (incl. design plan) to the execution up to the maintenance of the selected floor.



Advice on the purchase of floor coverings is one of the most significant steps. The choice of floor coverings ultimately has an impact on appearance, functionality, maintenance but also on the project duration, application method and required materials/tools.

We determine in collaboration with the customer the function of an area, what the load is and where there may be any obstacles.



Floor covering has direct impact on the appearance of the interior of a ship. Therefore, a design before the project takes place is recommendable, in order to establish the atmosphere and experience of the designated area.

The design, the color samples and the advice accordingly to the function of the ship ensures that the decision is supported by previews and expert’s advices. We work together with interior architects to create a design. Every design has its own characteristics and every design is unique.

More information about Prolance Marine Flooring?

Do you want to know more about the options? Contact us at +31 (0) 10 760 22 20, or you can also fill the contact form out on our website to request a quote without any obligation.

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