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Is your cruise ship ready for avid tourists?

The global cruise market is in demand. On a global scale, the cruise industry continues to grow spectacularly. Before the corona crisis, the sector grew by 8%. With more and more people daring to make vacation plans again, it’s likely that the cruise vacation won’t be left behind. That is why it is important to prepare your cruise ship for intensive use.

Cruise ship in top shape

A good floor forms the basis and is of great importance on a ship. It contributes to safety on board, but also to the acoustics in a room, so that people feel relaxed more quickly. The floors on a ship are not only used very intensively, they also have to meet strict requirements. This includes requirements in the field of moisture resistance, fire resistance and vibration. Choosing the right floor is therefore very important. Does your cruise ship floor need to be replaced? The Prolance team is happy to work with your wishes and requirements. We think along in both design and functionality and surprise you with an innovative interior.

Three different flooring solutions for your cruise ship

Which floor solution fits best in which room? That is a question we get regularly. Prolance Marine Flooring has various floors available that are suitable for use on cruise ships. We are pleased to introduce three different flooring solutions :

  1. Epoxy or PU cast floor: This is a durable floor that is suitable for heavy mechanical and chemical loads. The floor is strong and qualitative with a long lifespan. Particularly suitable for high traffic and wet areas such as corridors, toilets and kitchens.
  2. Rubber: A rubber floor is the floor solution for intensive use and is non-slip. That is why rubber is a suitable floor for a stairwell or in the galley.
  3. Carpet: Gives a warm and luxurious feeling to the interior of a ship. It provides a pleasant atmosphere in lounges and restaurants due to the sound-absorbing aspects. The advantage of carpet is that it is available in many different colours, materials and patterns.

Are you looking for a new IMO-certified floor for your cruise ship or do you need advice? Together with our employees, make the right choice for your cruise ship.

We provide you with the best floors especially for your cruise ship

You have come to the right place for ad-hoc repairs and maintenance of floors and curtains. We only work with products that meet the IMO and MED certification . Contact one of our specialists. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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