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IMO floor coverings

To guarantee safety at sea, ships must meet all sorts of important requirements and conditions. These relate not only to regulations concerning the construction of ships and navigation at sea, but also when it comes to the products we use.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

The IMO was set up by the United Nations following various shipping disasters in the first half of the twentieth century. IMO stands for International Maritime Organization. The agency counts 170 member countries and acts as a supervisor in promoting shipping safety. For example, there is IMO floor covering, for which specific safety requirements are applied.

Why IMO floor covering?

The IMO focuses in particular on fire and environmental safety. Within the transport sector, optimum attention must be paid to these matters, so that the risks to people and the environment are limited as much as possible. The guidelines drawn up by the IMO are therefore taken seriously and applied by most countries. This stipulates, among other things, that only materials may be used in shipbuilding which meet the safety requirements for flammability and smoke development.

IMO floor coverings includes all floors that have successfully passed certain fire tests and other safety tests. Examples of types of floor coverings are IMO carpet tiles, IMO synthetic floors and IMO PVC floors.

IMO floor covering durable and flexible

Floor covering for ships should not only prevent the formation of toxic fumes and be resistant to fire. These floors must also have good resistance to the effects of chemicals. Floor coverings that are made according to IMO standards meet this requirement in all aspects and also have the right flexibility. Good elasticity is important because a ship is constantly moving at sea and is often exposed to multiple fluctuations at the same time.

IMO and Prolance Marine Flooring

Prolance Marine Flooring works exclusively with products that meet the IMO certification. These floors can be fully customized and are available in various sizes, designs and types.

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