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IMO certified underlays from Sika®

Various dominating sources of noise and vibration can be heard on board every vessel, from cruise ships to offshore vessels. To guarantee the comfort of crew and passengers, it is vital for ships to have sound-absorbing floor systems to dampen this noise and the vibrations. Sika® IMO certified underlays offer the perfect solution.

Underlay systems from Sika® Marine

The approved and tested systems from Sika® provide the solution for all maritime applications. The Sika® Marine range incorporates a variety of ship refit solutions for levelling, acoustic noise reduction and damping. The company also supplies various subfloor systems that are durable, light, fireproof and IMO certified. Our rundown below features three different Sika® subfloor systems and explains their benefits.

Damping subfloors for vessels

The damping subfloor system improves environmental conditions in every part of the vessel by attenuating the energy transmission and absorbing noise. This improves comfort and quietness in the vessel’s interior. The viscoelastic technology can be applied using various mortars and/or metal plates. Also known as the viscoelastic system, it is ideal for limiting the magnitude of vibrations. The subfloor system is installed on the decks of inland vessels and followed by the application of a finishing material such as PVC, rubber or a synthetic PU floor.

Floating underfloor systems

For the highest degree of comfort, sound insulation and fire safety, nothing excels Sika® floating floor systems — unique in the maritime sector. Noise reduction of up to 61dB is possible. The floating floor systems consist of an insulation layer of mineral wool together with a non-combustible compound or steel or aluminium plates. This structure ensures maximum noise reduction and a high level of comfort and safety for the crew on board.

Combined underfloor systems

Is the room subject to a combination of different sounds? In that case, a combined subfloor system is recommended. The sound is often a combination of airborne and construction noise. Optimal sound-damping is achieved when the viscoelastic subfloor is used with the floating subfloor. Featuring minimal thickness and weight together with maximum noise reduction, this system is highly cost-effective in the long run.

Who is Sika®?

Sika® is a Swiss company and a world leader in the development of adhesive, sealing, damping and reinforcement products. For the shipping industry, it supplies not only adhesive and sealing systems but also acoustic floor-covering systems and subfloor systems.

We arrange the installation of Sika® Marine subfloors for you

Does the floor on your vessel need complete replacement or restoration? Or does your newbuild ship need a IMO certified subfloor? In that case, a sound-absorbing subfloor is recommended. We would love to provide you with a Sika® subfloor system. Good to know: we work exclusively with products that meet IMO and MED certification requirements. Don’t hesitate any longer! Contact our specialists.

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