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IMO-certified resin floors from Sika ® Marine

Resin floor floors are very strong floor finishes. The Sika® Marine resin floors are the best in their class thanks to their ease of installation, light weight and excellent acoustics. In addition to various underlay systems, Sika® also offers decorative interior floors. This includes various resin floors that are easy to install on board and are IMO certified. Did you know that Sika® Marine resin floor floors come in different variants? These are the three most commonly used resin floors on board: smooth epoxy floors, non-slip epoxy floors and polyurethane floors.

1. Smooth epoxy floors

Smooth decorative epoxy floors are the best choice for areas where good mechanical and chemical resistance with a nice finish is required. The floors have a long lifespan. They require little maintenance and are easy to clean. Application of a transparent and UV-resistant top layer is also possible. This ensures that the floor does not discolour in excessive sunlight. To make the floor one whole, the skirting boards can also be integrated with the floor.

2. Anti-slip epoxy floors

The decorative epoxy floors are optimised for areas where mechanical and chemical resistance is required. For instance, control and engine rooms. The rough surface provides a large amount of grip in wet conditions. Installation of a transparent UV-resistant top layer is also possible. This top layer is recommended for places where colour is important and should not discolour or where there is high exposure to UV radiation.

3. Polyurethane floors

Sika® Marine Deco Comfort is a comfortable elastic and decorative polyurethane-based (PU) resin floor. This type of resin floor is smooth or with an anti-slip layer. The floors are permanently elastic, waterproof and comfortable to walk on. This floor solution can be used in almost all interior areas of the ship. From cabins, hallways and restaurants to passenger areas and washrooms. The floor has a stylish appearance, making it suitable for various rooms.

Interested in a decorative resin floor from Sika®?

Sika® resin floors are available in many different colours and patterns. The surface of the finish can be completely adapted to your wishes: with or without sprinkled flakes, duo-colours, special marble effect, a UV-resistant top layer and anti-slip material. All products are IMO certified. Our specialists will be happy to look together at which resin floor is best suited to the room they wish to apply it to.

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