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IMO Certification: what does it mean?

At Prolance Marine Flooring, safety is paramount — on board, at sea and during our work. This is why we work only with floor systems that comply with the IMO certificate requirements. Under this certification, safety and the environment come first. Curious as to what IMO certification involves? Read on.

The history of safe flooring systems

IMO is a general name for the IMO/MED certification of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It stands for the worldwide monitoring of shipping regulations. MED stands for Marine Equipment Directive, a set of safety standards adopted by the European Commission in 1996 (Directive 96/98/EC). These were last amended in 2014 (Directive 2014/90/EU). Regulations in connection with IMO improve the safety not only of the crew and passengers on board, but also of the ships themselves. As a result of this certification, maritime safety has been maintained and vastly improved over the years.

Quality, flexibility and safety

Our core values are quality, flexibility and safety. By working exclusively with products that comply with the IMO and MED certification, we guarantee safety on board. All our suppliers are accredited to perform inspection and certification services. Accordingly, they do this for all products.

Floor systems with IMO certificate

We supply a variety of products that comply with the IMO regulations. Are you interested in a selection of IMO-certified floor solutions?

The right floor for your project

Are you currently working on a maritime project and interested in the options available for this? Prolance Marine Flooring is a specialist in flooring solutions. We take care of everything, from the start of the project to installation and final maintenance. Are you curious about our products? Or do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us.

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