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High-quality floors on yachts

Super yachts are getting bigger and bigger. As a result, interior spaces can be made as comfortable as in a home. High-quality floors (IMO certified with a luxurious look) on yachts accentuate the vessel’s elegance.

Various flooring solutions for a yacht

It varies from area to area on board which flooring fits best. For example, floors with a hardwood or marble look or carpet floors are often used in sleeping areas, lounge areas and bathrooms. These floor finishes give the floor in your yacht a unique and luxurious look.

  1. Vinyl with hardwood look

Hardwood gives and exclusive look and feel to an interior and is therefore a popular choice among yacht owners. The name ‘hardwood’ is a collective term for all hard and durable wood, such as Acacia wood, Bangkirai wood, Robinia or Cedar wood. The authenticity of hardwood can very well be shown by a vinyl flooring flooring with hardwood look. This gives the same appearance, is very durable and is easy to maintain. Vinyl flooring is a great solution for crew areas, public areas, and corridors, for example.

  1. Marble look flooring

Marble has a fine and exclusive finish. It is a natural stone that brings natural tranquility to your yacht interior but at the same time brings the chic and luxurious style you are looking for. Marble floors fit well in a classic interior, but also absolutely in a modern and trendy interior. Pure marble can be expensive. A good solution are floors with a marble look that cannot be distinguished from the real natural stone. This allows you to keep the same exclusive and luxurious look.

  1. Carpet flooring

Carpet is a warm, comfortable, and pleasant floor covering for a yacht. Carpet is comfortable because of its soft material, but also because of its cozy look. Moreover, carpet has sound-damping properties, which increases the value of your yacht. On top of that there are non-slip properties, shock-absorption, and countless design possibilities when it comes to carpet flooring.

IMO certification

Whatever floor you choose, at Prolance Marine Flooring all flooring systems are IMO certified. This is because we believe it is important that floor systems meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization so that everyone on board, crew and guests, has a safe cruise.

Design your high-quality yacht flooring with us

Not sure which flooring fits your yacht design best? Our flooring specialists will tell you all about the features and benefits of each floor for your yacht. Contact us for more information.

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