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From idea to unique carpet flooring

Winter officially begins on December 21, so in many European countries it is already quite cold. A carpet floor provides warmth in colder periods. At Prolance Marine Flooring we provide carpets and ensure that each customer’s unique needs are met.

Let creativity run wild

Our vision at Prolance Marine Flooring is that the ability to express your own individuality is very important in a world where everybody has access to everything. We want to inspire people to let their creativity run wild and not be limited. With all the options Halbmond carpet offers, we meet this vision.

The designers are constantly developing new collections, but in addition, all personal wishes of the customers can be implemented in the carpet design. The flexible manufacturing system of Halbmond allows every small customization to be made.

Your unique carpet in 5 steps

  1. Briefing

It is important that you communicate your wishes to the experienced design team. For example, you can draw a design sketch, write down notes or gather fabrics and materials. In addition, you will meet with the designers to have all wishes and requirements as clear as possible.

  1. Design

After the briefing, the design team can get to work. They provide you with a draft version of your carpet. This way, you can check that indeed everything you wanted is included. You can then give your approval.

  1. Planning

Once the designers get your approval, you will receive an original carpet design in the desired quality. To guarantee a trouble-free fitting of carpet flooring and carpet tiles we create an exact roll plan.

  1. Production

In the modern production facility, the carpet is produced and gets your design printed on it. The prototype, you confirmed, will be an obligatory template for color, design, and quality (without back coating).

  1. The final product

Every unique carpet we make for customers, we only ship after the necessary quality checks have been completed. This way, we guarantee high quality and can give you 100% satisfaction.

Interested in personalized carpet?

At Prolance Marine Flooring, it is possible to get a unique and personalized carpet for your vessel. Are you interested in this, or would you like more detailed information? We would love to help you, so please contact our marine flooring experts.


Source: Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH

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