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Flooring solutions for your superyacht

Yachts are getting bigger and bigger, allowing for the spaces inside to be made just as comfortable as the inside of your home. The flooring dictates the mood and tone of an area. Prolance Marine Flooring is pleased to tell you more about the different flooring solutions available to install in your yacht and what flooring is most suitable for each space.

Luxury flooring solutions for your yacht

Quality flooring accentuates the elegance of the yacht. Hardwood flooring, marble, and carpet are commonly used in the master cabin, lounge, and bathroom. Hard floor coverings are commonly used in high-traffic areas such as decks and boarding ramps. Below is a brief explanation of the advantages of two different flooring solutions.

#1 Using carpet on a yacht

Carpet is a commonly selected floor covering for interior rooms including guest cabins, the foyer, and corridors. Carpet offers not only a warm and beautiful canvas for any yacht interior, but also a safe environment, providing a non-slip surface and the ability to soften any impact. Carpet also absorbs air pollutants, making the indoor air quality better. Carpet is easy to clean and helps reduce contact noise on board. All of Prolance Marine Flooring’s carpet is IMO certified and made-to-order. As a result, you have a custom-designed carpet for your yacht.

#2 Hard floor coverings for your superyacht

Hard flooring solutions such as rubber, vinyl, and PVC, are frequently found aboard superyachts, as it offers many advantages over traditional floorings such as wood, marble, or tile. This type of flooring is durable and maintenance friendly. In addition, it also has excellent non-skid properties and is suitable for intensive use. One of the greatest advantages is that this type of flooring is maintenance-friendly. So, this type of flooring is therefore the ideal flooring solution for high-traffic areas, such as on decks and boarding platforms. All of our flooring solutions are IMO certified to meet the required safety requirements at sea.

Prolance Marine Flooring is pleased to offer you the best flooring, specially designed for your yacht.

We offer flooring solutions for cruise ships, ferries, offshore vessels, and superyachts. Want to learn more about the possibilities in flooring for your yacht? Contact one of our specialist for expert advice, design solutions, professional installation, and periodic maintenance.

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