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ECONYL®: a yarn made from recycled ocean waste

Waste is the future! Used materials such as old waste are increasingly being recycled. For example, the ‘plastic soup’ is fished out of the ocean, of which a large part is subsequently reused in the construction, housing and clothing industries. The re-use of materials has a positive impact on the environment. Desso Tarkett is a good example of suppliers that work with recycled materials. They develop beautiful Desso carpets made from ECONYL® yarn from abandoned fishing nets and yarn waste.

ECONYL® what is it?

ECONYL® is a brand for recycled Nylon. Nylon is a synthetic textile fibre which is unfortunately anything but durable. Fortunately, there is a way to recycle this fabric. The recycled Nylon is called ECONYL®. For example, fishing nets are also made of Nylon. These fishing nets are retrieved from the sea and then used to make ECONYL®. The ECONYL® yarns are then used to make new products such as clothing and carpets.

Advantages of ECONYL®

  • ECONYL® is a fabric that can be recycled over and over again.
  • It is a circular product! The waste from the ocean is reused and converted into ECONYL® yarn. These yarns are then used to make new products such as carpets.
  • ECONYL® is a high quality fabric.

Positive impact on the environment

According to a United Nations report, there are about 640,000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets in the oceans. The goal is to retrieve as many of these abandoned fishing nets as possible, and convert them into beautiful yarns, and thus carpets and carpet tiles, thanks to the ECONYL® regeneration system. This gives waste a second life and ensures a cleaner earth.

Prolance Marine Flooring is happy to help you make sustainable choices on board

We offer flooring solutions for cruise ships, ferries, offshore vessels and superyachts. Need more information about the sustainable carpets and carpet tiles we offer made from ECONYL® yarn? Please contact our specialist. Contact us for expert advice, design solutions, professional installation, and periodic maintenance.

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