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Dutch super yachts are more popular than ever

One thing is for sure: if you want a super yacht, you have to come to the Netherlands. The super-rich like to come to the Netherlands to discuss the details of their super yachts. “Italy produces the most yachts, Germany the biggest, and the Netherlands the best,” said Arnold de Bruijn from the industry association Netherlands Maritime technology (NMT). Even Jeff Bezos and Tommy Hilfiger had their super yachts built in the Netherlands.

A shipbuilding tradition

The Netherlands has a long tradition in shipbuilding. For example, in the nineteenth century, shipbuilding was an important part of the Dutch economy. During the Golden Age, the Netherlands built ships for all of Europe. This high demand caused the Dutch to produce a lot and develop their technology at a rapid pace. Due to this history, the proper and timely delivery of a difficult design is no problem at all.

A superyacht for Tommy Hilfiger

The legendary clothing designer, Tommy Hilfiger, had his 62-meter super yacht built by Dutch company. This super yacht, called FLAG, consists of three floors and exudes luxury. While the first floor is set up for lounging and hosting guests, the second deck is fully equipped for overnight stays with six stylish suites. Then, to fully unwind, the upper deck is equipped with sunbeds and a swimming pool.

The luxury sailing yacht of Amazon’s boss

For half a billion, Jeff Bezos is having the ultimate 127-meter super yacht built in the Netherlands. Many details are not yet known, but if the stories are true, it will be one of the most beautiful sailing yachts ever. This yacht is also kitted out with the most luxurious options.

What makes a yacht so exclusive?

The ambiance on a yacht is determined, among other things, by the flooring. It affects not only the sound in a room, but also the appearance and the safety on board. For example, carpet is ideally suited to give your suites a warm and atmospheric feel. Comfortable, noise dampening and, above all, available in all kinds of designs. Another flooring solution is the Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection. This flooring solution exudes luxury while being easy to maintain.

Dressing your yacht in style

We offer luxury flooring solutions for super yachts. Want to learn more about a flooring solution that fits your project? Then contact our specialists.

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