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Design on board a ship: the importance for the crew

The performance of a ship often depends on the crew. A design in which the crew can make full use of the various spaces in the ship is an important factor in this. That is why it is essential that a ship is furnished as user-friendly as possible. So that it is a place where the crew can also relax. We are happy to tell you more about the importance of good design on board for the crew.

Why is good maritime design essential?

A good design on board the ship is essential for a good feeling and better experience. Research shows that up to 80% of accidents at sea are attributed to human error or some form of human input. The costs associated with this can be high. Working safer, greener and more efficiently at sea is therefore important. This can be achieved by good design, among other things. When human elements are taken into account, so that the crew can, for example, work more efficiently and have a better night’s sleep. This can make a big difference.

A crew cabin that meets all requirements

Crew cabins on board ships should be designed to provide both comfort and functionality. On the one hand, the crew must feel comfortable in their living quarters. They often spend a lot of time here and are far away from their family. It is therefore important that the crew cabin feels like home. In addition, the cabin must also offer functionality. There is often little space available. Which is why the available space must be used efficiently. Think of enough space and storage space where the staff can store their personal belongings.

That the crew feels at ease is a factor that is important for the crew, so that they can carry out their work efficiently and effectively. This can be achieved by installing appropriate modern designs in their personal environment, such as the crew cabin. This includes, vibration and sound-absorbing floors and blackout curtains for a good night’s sleep. The floor of a ship is an essential part of the interior on board and ensures that the interior becomes a whole.

Floors for the maritime sector

Placing a ship’s floor is not just a matter of customisation. In addition, the floors on ships must meet particularly strict IMO safety requirements. You can contact Prolance for all types of subfloor systems , poured and coated floors and for floor finishes that are especially intended for the shipping industry. Any colour scheme, desired pattern and finish can be applied to our floors so that it matches the entire design of the ship.

Prolance Marine Flooring is happy to help you choose the right design on board your ship

We offer flooring solutions for cruise ships, ferries, offshore vessels, and superyachts. Would you like more information about the various options for installing an IMO floor with the right design on board your ship? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists. Contact us for expert advice, design solutions, professional installation, and periodic maintenance.

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