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Custom Marine carpet: carpet tailored to your preferences

Choosing the right flooring for your vessel can be quite a challenge. There are so many options that it can be hard to know what’s right for you. Carpet flooring, however, is always a good choice, especially if you can incorporate your own taste and design. We’ll be pleased to tell you more about the features, benefits, and possibilities of carpet flooring.

Soft, warm, and comfortable

Carpet is a floor covering with a warm and cosy appearance. Not only that, but carpet feels soft, warm, and comfortable. This is ideal during colder periods. Carpet also has sound-dampening properties which improve the acoustics in rooms with carpeted floors. Other advantages include non-slip and shock-absorbing properties, not to mention countless design options.

Custom carpet

Our carpet range consists of over 350 different types and colours. The carpet flooring we deliver comes from two suppliers, Tarkett and Halbmond. Countless design options are available with these carpets, and you can have your own design implemented. The carpets will create any desired ambience and provide a durable solution. They are made of a proven blend of premium wool (80%) and nylon (20Each customer’s unique requirements can be implemented, down to the finest detail, thanks to the flexible production system. Prolance Marine Flooring’s design department will work proactively with you to achieve all your wishes for your custom marine carpet.

IMO and MED certification

At Prolance Marine Flooring, we are committed to safety. Our floors are IMO and MED compliant, which means they are IMO certified. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulates international safety at sea. This is why we believe it’s important for our products to be IMO certified.

Carpet floors from Prolance Marine Flooring

Are you working on a marine project and thinking of installing carpet flooring on your vessel? As a specialist in ship floors, Prolance Marine Flooring will be more than happy to help you select and design your perfect custom marine carpet. We work proactively with you from beginning to end, shouldering as much of the burden as possible. Are you curious about what we can do for your project? Or would you like to meet us? Then contact our specialists.

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