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Corporate social responsibility

In 2020, doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible way (CSR) will become increasingly important. At Prolance we take care of our customers and of our environment. Nevertheless, not everything that forms part of product manufacturing is as yet 100% environmentally friendly. Yet we try to do all we can, within our activities, to be conscious of the environment. So we select our suppliers based on both quality and sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals

According to the United Nations, the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals are intended to “make the world a better place in 2030”. Prolance is also doing its part to achieve this goal:

  • …investing in renewable energy. For example, solar panels are installed on the roof of the Prolance headquarters in order to generate more than half of energy consumption of Prolance (goal 7).
  • …consciously start thinking about how to consume responsibly. All plastic water cups have been replaced with 100% recyclable Dopper water bottles (goal 12).
SDG doelstellingen

What we do for the environment

  • We stay up to date with developments and possibilites within our industry and we would be happy to guide you in the making of environmentally-friendly choices.
  • We limit our company’s energy consumption by using ecological lighting.
  • Our transport fleet is consiously chosen due to their minimal impact on the environment. Also we insure that our vehicles are maintained preventively. For example, one check we perform is periodic controls of tire pressure.
  • Our product range is composed on the basis of quality and durability, with a focus on the environmental impact that these products have during use, maintenance, production and disposal.
  • We only use environmentally friendly adhesives.
  • Waste is always collected separately for reuse, such as wood, foil, paper, batteries, ink cartridges, carpet (tiles) and cut remnants of marmoleum.
  • Almost all of our manufacturers are engaged with cradle-to-cradle and/or doing business themselves in a socially responsible manner. We do not do business with manufacturers that we do not support.
  • Almost all employees live in the vicinity of our company.

We have joined the Dopper Wave

We believe that with simple everyday actions we can prevent large amounts of single-use plastic water bottles from ending up in our oceans. That is why we have replaced all plastic cups with 100% recyclable Dopper water bottles. We have joined the Dopper Wave and signed the pledge to:

  1. Ban single-use plastic water bottles from our premises.
  2. Encourage our colleagues and visitors to drink tap water whenever possible.
  3. Actively remind everyone to ALWAYS bring their own reusable bottle.
  4. Inspire other organizations and people to also join the Dopper Wave.
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