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Cleaning up the oceans together

Working together for a clean ocean. This was an initiative for which Dutchman Boyan Slat received over $15 million from various YouTubers after a large fundraising campaign. This amount will enable at least 13.6 million kilograms of waste to be removed from the seas and rivers over the next three years. To prevent the oceans from being polluted again, we also want to think about how Prolance Marine Flooring can do its bit.

Choose sustainability with Prolance Marine Flooring

Doing business in a way that is sustainable and socially responsible is becoming increasingly important as the years go by. Within our work, we therefore try to be as conscious and careful as possible with the environment. With an eye to the future, we are investing in renewable energy. In addition, we select our suppliers based on quality and sustainability. For example, we partner with Tarkett Desso’s ReStart® program, a cost-effective flooring take-back initiative. Our participation contributes to the move to a circular economy.

Partnering with a sustainability program

As a ReStart® partner of Tarkett Desso, we have the option of taking vinyl remnants and scrapped carpet tiles to Tarkett, who takes care of the recycling. For example, floor covering scraps that are left over after installation or flooring that has been in use are collected to be reused as new raw materials.

Recycled Nylon Yarn & Sustainable Subfloors

The waste fished from the oceans can be reused in a sustainable way. Our supplier Desso Tarkett, for example, makes beautiful carpets from abandoned fishing nets and yarn waste. The rugs are made from recycled Nylon, also known as ECONYL® yarn. In this way, the oceans are not only cleaned, but the waste is given a second life. Also, Sika® floors are a good example of floors produced with sustainability in mind. Sika® provides durable and IMO certified subfloors for dampening sound and vibrations. These allow the crew to experience more comfort on board.

The Ocean Cleanup project

In two months, more than 600 thousand people donated more than $30 million, of which The Ocean Cleanup receives half. The other half go to the Ocean Conservancy initiative. It is estimated that it will take about three years to clean up the 13.6 million kilograms of waste. In 2021, 816 thousand kilograms of waste were fished out of the water with so-called interceptors that sweep up the waste like a broom.

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