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Vinyl floors on board a ship

Are you looking for a sustainable flooring solution that you can creatively apply on board various types of ships? Then choose a vinyl floor. A vinyl floor covering is durable,…

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Flotex FR Forbo Prolance Marine Flooring

Why choose Flotex FR?

Choosing floor coverings is challenging for cruise and passenger ferry operators. Different areas onboard vessels have their own unique demands, so they must consider factors such as International Maritime Organization (IMO)…

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Norament 920

A safe floor in technical areas

Safety first! Especially in the control and machine rooms, because this is where various machines and electronic equipment come together. It is therefore important to provide a solid and safe…

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Ocean Clean Up

Cleaning up the oceans together

Working together for a clean ocean. This was an initiative for which Dutchman Boyan Slat received over $15 million from various YouTubers after a large fundraising campaign. This amount will…

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