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Benefits of (IMO) curtains and blinds on ships

Every ship deserves the best interior. Whether it is a large offshore platform or a luxury super yacht, you always want an appropriate solution. Window coverings are an essential part of a ship’s interior. It provides privacy, insulation, fire safety and keeps out the sun. This makes sailing even nicer and safer.

Privacy and sun protection in one

IMO certified curtains and blinds offer several advantages aboard ships. Firstly, they provide privacy for crew and passengers by shielding personal areas from curious eyes. In addition, they act as a sun protection system. They regulate incoming light and reduce glare, which increases comfort on board.

Insulation and fire safety properties of IMO curtains

Window coverings also help insulate areas and regulate an appropriate temperature inside, promoting energy efficiency. This reduces the need for heating or cooling on board. Not to mention, IMO certified curtains are flame retardant, improving fire safety on board.

Supply and installation of blinds on your ship

In short, curtains and roller blinds contribute to privacy, visual comfort, energy savings, and ship fire safety. We are a full-service supplier in the blinds field for the maritime industry. This means that we deliver the blinds to you and fully install them. Our curtains and blinds are made to your requirements, are available in many colors and designs and comply with all IMO and MED guidelines. With our wide range of blinds, you choose the best solution for your project.

Which window covering will you choose?

Our team is ready to deliver and install curtains and roller blinds accurately and professionally on ships so you enjoy all the benefits. Are you interested in IMO certified curtains and roller blinds, or would you like more information on which window coverings best suit your project? Contact us for more information or request a quote directly.

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