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Visco-elastic systems

On board of each ship, from cruise ship to offshore ship, there are various predominant sources of sound and vibration. In order to guarantee the safety of the crew and passengers, noise controlling floor systems in ships must suppress this noise and the vibrations.

Limited vibrations

Visco-elastic systems are the perfect solution to be used to limit the magnitude of vibrations, due to its elastic and noise controlling properties. The visco-elastic floor systems are essentially applied to indoor ship decks, before a finishing material is applied, such as PVCrubber or a synthetic PU floor.

The advantages of Visco-elastic systems
  • Green technology
  • Reduced weight
  • Attenuates vibrations in construction
  • Flexible thawing mass
  • Suitable for thruster compartments
Technical specifications
Green technology
Flexible cement
Reliable and flexible
Highly-trained, professional fitters
Internationally active
Quick and professional
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