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Combined floor systems

On board of each ship, from cruise ship to offshore ship, there are various predominant sources of sound and vibration, caused by diesel engines, gearboxes, bow thrusters, HVAC system and other electrical installations. In order to guarantee the safety of the crew and passengers, noise controlling floor systems in ships must suppress this noise and the vibrations.

Combined system

Prolance offers various floor systems with maximum noise reduction. These floor systems reduce different types of sound and are applied in different areas of a ship.

A combined floor system is a combination of an A-60 floating floor system and a visco-elastic system. These acoustic floor systems are minimal in thickness and weight, maximum in noise reduction and very cost-effective in the long term.

The advantages of combined floor systems
  • Visco-elastic floor system combined with floating A-60 floor system
  • Attenuates contact and air noise and works in a deafening way
  • Suitable for the ‘lower decks’
Technical specifications
Heavy usage
Flexible and floating
Maximum noise reduction
Reliable and flexible
Highly-trained, professional fitters
Internationally active
Quick and professional
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